South Africa is in the midst of an often exciting, sometimes scary, but very essential conversation about what is important for the nation going forward and who is suitable to lead this nation building exercise.
This conversation takes shape in many forms. The mass media is the conveyor of much of this discourse through its news reports and analysis. But South Africans have taken the conversation beyond traditional forms of media. They are talking at home, in churches, in common interest organisations, in pubs, at the workplace, in schools, universities. They are talking on social media quite a lot.

But much of that conversation is fragmented and there is an urgent need to bring a lot of unknown, yet informed and opinionated voices into the public space.

As former journalists, we felt the need to create an online opinion and analysis platform where we will publish new and existing voices that have something interesting to say about where we are going as a nation.

Contact as via email @ info@realpolitik.org.za or newsdesk@realpolitik.org.za